Wanna stop wiggling and put more power into your carves? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then these are the boards for you. The beauty of the Sidewinder Series comes straight from the trucks, which were specifically designed for carving. The extra kingpin and pivot engineered into the trucks give them something akin to that additional joint your fingers have, and provide you with a quick, responsive turning radius, that’s unlike anything you’ve ridden before.


CRESCENT WAVEPARK - One of the "surfiest" boards in the lineup is the Crescent Wavepark. With the shortest wheelbase of all the Sidewinder boards, it has a very tight turning radius. Add in the slight kicktail and offset 58mm Nineballs, and you’ve got yourself a carving maching. Slalom through students on the way to class, or pump through the streets without pushing. We’ve added a golden wave from Tahiti based photographer Ben Thouard to put the icing on the cake.

FLUX MINI FRACTAL - We took one of our best-selling skateboards, the Fractal, shrunk it down two inches for a shorter wheel base and tighter turns, and came up with a super clever name, the Mini Fractal! Like all the boards in the Sidewinder Series, this one is going to help you lose that wiggle and start putting more power into your carves! The low ride, due to the drop through mount, provides easier pushing over both short and long distances. For this year’s graphic, we hit up Hawaiian photographer Jonavan Crail for one of his classic frothy barrel images.

NECTAR UNAGI - Glide and power-carve effortlessly on one of the 9 Ball Crew’s favorite boards, the Nectar Unagi. Introduced last year, this model was well received by the 9’ers worldwide and quickly became our go-to when we wanted to step away from our desks and go for a rip around the parking lot, or ride down to the corner store for a cold beverage run. This season, we’ve included a beautiful sunset barrel shot from legendary photographer, Clark Little.