If the easy-to-ride boards in the Classix Series make you want to drop everything you’re doing and travel to a beautiful place (with your skateboard of course), then we’ve done our job. Scenic graphics, combined with classic (see, we DO know how to spell), timeless shapes, continue to be the foundation of what we do at Sector 9. These boards have stood the test of time and continue to roll mile after mile, all over the world.

Rider: Jimmy Riha

REFLECTION RIPPLE - Want the feel of a traditional Sector 9 pintail, but with a shorter overall length and wheelbase? If so, the Reflection Ripple is your dream come true! Responsive, effortless, time-honored carves are the result of our 64mm Nineballs on Gullwing Mission Trucks, and the sunset graphic is bound to leave an impression. This board is a great addition to any quiver, or the perfect choice to start one.

SPECTER BINTANG - You're not dreaming! Our newest Specter Bintang continues to deliver proven versatility to the rider. As a commuter, easy pushing and long distance gliding are part of the package. If you’re looking for freeride fun, this board’s sharp rails provide extra grip and control, and our stone ground Buttersauce wheels provide easier slides and plenty of thane.

MIRAGE MERIDIAN - Some people have a hard time letting go, which is our guess as to why the Meridian continues our top-selling shape in the Classix Series! This extremely versatile board allows you to feel comfortable commuting or sliding, and the drop-through top mount design eliminates wheel bite. Whether it's a freeride skate down the winding mountain road, or a cruise down the boardwalk, the Mirage Meridian is no illusion, and will get you where you want to go.