Is there anything better than just cruising? Cruising the halls at school, cruising down the boardwalk, or just cruising through life. These all evoke that relaxed feeling we crave, each and every day. We’ve been making Cruiser skateboards for years, and they have consistently helped us (and MANY others) unwind and let loose. Whether you’re in the mood to just glide or "smash, smother, and cut," our Cruiser Series boards are built to handle whatever you throw at them. Now all that's left to do is make your pick: Rock, Paper, or Scissors?


ROSHAMBO FAT WAVE - This 80’s inspired shape will cover any terrain with classic style. With a wide platform and mellow concave, you’ll be cruising comfortably, ready to get creative on features with its functional kicktail. The Roshambo Fat Wave will smother anything you throw at it while you commute through your urban playground.
DIMENSIONS: Length: 30.0”, Width: 9.8”, Wheelbase: 16.0”

ROSHAMBO NINETY FIVE - The Roshambo Ninety Five is the perfect choice for a rider looking for a shorter, versatile Cruiser Series board. This proven shape is a go-to for 9’ers all over the world, as it allows you to easily cut and slice your way through the diverse landscapes of the urban jungle, country roads, and even skateparks. Just make sure to avoid the rocks!
DIMENSIONS: Length: 30.5”, Width: 8.375”, Wheelbase: 14.25"

ROSHAMBO BAT RAY - The Roshambo Bat Ray may be the shortest board in the Cruiser Series, but don’t let its small stature fool you! This rock solid (pun intended) little cruiser packs a punch. It's perfect for smashing your way to around town, learning new skate tricks and its small size makes it a great travel board.
DIMENSIONS: Length: 26.25”, Width: 7.75”, Wheelbase: 12.5”