The On the Hunt Cruiser Series is all about that search for the best line of attack on whatever terrain you’re looking to slay.

STALKER RASTA NATIVE: The predator silently stalks their prey… or should we say picks their line down alley full of embankments, trashcans, rocks, debris and stray cats. The Stalker Rasta Native features a mellow concave and kicktail for easy shredding, making for a quick strike no matter where you want to skate.

AMBUSH WOODSHED: Soaring down the street, you spot it… the unsuspecting prey, perfect for your next attack. You fly closer and hit it effortlessly, a perfectly evolved hunter crushing every driveway bank, hedge barrel and Jersey Barrier in your path. The Ambush Woodshed features a double kick, and slightly longer deck and wheelbase than your typical popsicle stick, making it ideal for larger riders, or those looking for a more forgiving cruiser.