The van is pack and the Sector 9 Downhill Division starts their journey to the Devil’s Peak Downhill. Sin City is the first stop to meet up with Las Vegas local, Mike Synder, for a tour of the strip through some of the most hectic parking garages around. After a long night, it was back on the road to Utah for big mountain runs and campfires.

Part 2 dropping December 26th, 2019

Riders: Adrian Cole, Ross Druckrey, Micah Green, Oscar Gutierrez, AJ Haiby, Louis Pilloni, Jimmy Riha, Mike Synder


The Ruminates “Seven Billion Person Army”

Bjordan “Total Mogul”

Dan Henig “Arpy”

Noir Et Blanc Vie “A Typical Ride Out”

Corporate Citizen “Batten Down The Hatches”