Sit back and soak in some Sector 9 history with co-founder Dennis Telfer as he walks you through three boards that were pivotal in progression of the brand. The boards in this series are all based on the original shapes that played an important role in the history of Sector 9, and allowed us to draw new, unique lines all over San Diego. Like everything we produce, these skateboards are made to be RIDDEN, so get out there and put them to use! BUT, we absolutely understand if there’s some hesitation, as you may want to keep such a great-looking board pristine! If that is the case, just opt for a deck and put a piece of skateboarding history on your wall.


OG PIN: If you missed getting one back in ’93, here’s your chance to grab a piece of skateboarding history. The OG Pin was the board that started it all for us, here at Sector 9, and we thought it essential to bring it back as part of our 25 Year Anniversary celebration! If you have the means, we highly recommend picking one up.

COSMIC: We are proud to bring back a limited run of the original Cosmic 1.  This versatile, classic shape is constructed with a fiberglass and maple sandwich, which provides the rider with both flex and control, allowing quick, stylish turns and easy maneuverability. The silver foil directly corresponds to our 25 Year Anniversary.  Whether you’re planning on taking the Cosmic 1 on a traditional slalom run, an urban sidewalk cruise, or a rip down a mellow hill, we’re confident you’ll feel like you’re celebrating 25 years of skating with the 9-Ball Crew!

BHNC: The original release of the Bomb Hills Not Countries board created a memorable statement, heard around the world.  Over the years that followed, we consistently received requests to reissue this board, so it made complete sense to include it in the 25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Series.  The deck construction on this classic shape features a unique, multi-color ply, making each board truly one of a kind! Enjoy this perfect high-speed carving vehicle that also allows you to take control of tough, steep terrain.