Date of Birth:
The Alien.
Place of Orgin:
San Clemente, Ca.
Local Hood:
North Shore of Oahu
Favorite Terrain to Skate:
Banks and mini ramps.
Deep Water from San Clemente. I grew up listening to and surfing with this amazing family.
Favorite Beer:
The cold kind.
Favorite Food:
Barbeque Hawaiian style.
Favorite Book:
Can you repeat the question?
I love my dogs.
I must say growing up, it was my family that really supported me. In and out of the water as well with close friends and uncles. If you weren't surfing, then it was nothing but trouble.
Turns on/Offs:
There's a lot of crossroads every day, but you just ask yourself "Did I do my best for how I want to live?"
Words of Wisdom:
Live to Give!
Future Plans:
Spend more time with my family on the North Shore.