Date of Birth:
January 5th, 1986
Louie, Cowboy or Big Lou.
Place of Orgin:
Thousand Oaks, California
Local Hood:
Hills of Los Angeles, California
Favorite Terrain to Skate:
Steep windy roads people say you can’t skate. Those are usually the best runs.
There is too much good music out there to narrow it down but a good day of tunes is Beatles in the morning, Sublime in the afternoon, Notorious BIG for dinner and Mozart for the evening .
Favorite Beer:
A Budweiser a day keeps the doctor away.
Favorite Food:
Sushi all day. Just wish it was cheaper. Bad/old Sushi can also be the worst food ever.
Favorite Book:
The Giver by Lois Lowry, don’t let society numb your life.
Growing up I had a dog, cats, a rabbit, birds, horses but now none. All of them are sad stories too. My cats left my birds and rabbit as presents of the porch, my golden retriever jumped over a 5 foot fence, and we moved to a house that couldn’t border a horse. Fish are rad though, I want to get a tank eventually.
Regret, you have to live with the choices you make.
There is always more you can do with your life so tackle everyday.
Turn Ons / Offs:
Ons – smiles, non-smelly hippie girls, fun funny personalities. Offs – drama, malls, thick makeup.
Words of Wisdom:
‘You sure you want to do that?’
Future Plans:
Too many places to skate, not enough time.
Favorite Sector 9:
One of the Sector 9 big double kicks. Bomb hills going 60mph then snap an ollie. Also I like the Shaka since I helped with the concept and the Ginger.
If you didn’t skate what would you do:
‘You want fries with that?’ or I’d be cooped up in a small cubical mindlessly inputting random data.
Most memorable skate moment:
First time bombing one of my favorite 8 mile runs with a crew of 20 skaters. I was shaking at the top of the hill but yelling with joy at the bottom.
Hardest Slam/Crash:
In the semi-finals of a Peru race I was involved in a crash that hospitalized two spectators. It was one of the most hectic situations I have ever been in. It was really scary and heart stopping to look over and see a girl and a boy knocked out with blood on their face. I felt like there was going to be an spectator uprising against the racers for a little bit especially when the fist fight broke out but everyone pulled it together. It was chaos I tell you. I was really glad to hear that both kids were alright.
Three important things in life:
Family and Friends that are Family, Enjoying the Day, Loving what you do.