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Mustaches & Mohawks

Once again we have entered the month of the Mo! Men and women all across the globe are rallying together in support of Movember and Men's Health. Sector 9's team Mustaches & Mohawks is accepting donations and seeking new team members. Help us fight cancers affecting men!

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Congo Sanchez Mixes 'Herb Records 2013'

Yesterday our friend and multitalented musician, Congo Sanchez dropped a brand new release available for free download. The mellow compilation titled ‘Herb Records 2013’, floats through 11 tracks of electronic mastery featuring works by Hydrophonics, Groove Status, as well as the man himself. Download it today and catch Congo Sanchez live on tour!

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Bombing with Chad Gibson

When the filmer tells you he's "terrified" to follow you in his car you must be doing something crazy. Chad Gibson is not crazy... but he does go very fast.

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Tibs at Home

Tibs Parise is back in the French Riviera in his hometown for a few weeks. He has been reunited with all his favorite skate spots while spending some quality time with old friends.

Sunday Funday with Tibs Parise from Hugo Charbit on Vimeo.

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Moto Radventure 2013

"Quality skateboarding, like quality motorcycling, is all about craft, community, and freedom. The Moto Radventure is our annual ride in celebration of such connectivity. This year, the second year of the Moto Rad, we hit the road starting in Los Angeles, California. We made our way up to Santa Barbara, and ultimately, we headed back down to L.A after a weekend spent riding with friends. The goal of the Moto Radventure is simple: gather a solid crew of riders that appreciate both ripping on bikes and shredding on boards, and then we do just that — ride and shred!!!!" - Wheelbase Magazine

For the article and photos check out Wheelbase:

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Thrasher's Halloween Hellride

When you talk about chickens, Shaun Ross' name usually doesn't come up. To skate Thrasher's Halloween Hellride you needed to be the opposite of chicken. Now watch the video... and look for the chicken.

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Down The Line With Harrison Roach

Noosa Heads local, Harrison Roach, discusses his diverse quiver and the rebirth of the classic longboarding scene with Surfer Magazine.

Read it:

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Clark Little on Vice

Showing up in a Vice Magazine article or video can go both ways. Either you will be embarrassed for something you did, said, or wore, or you will be shown in a cool light for your art, music, or progression. Photography artist Clark Little most definitely gets the latter treatment. Vice’s Hi–Shredability showcases our friend Clark’s incredible shore break artwork from Hawaii, brah.

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Griptape // Mixtape: Volume #5

There is only one way to open our latest Griptape//Mixtape, and that’s with New York’s king of cool, the late Lou Reed. From there we lead you down an eclectic street of new music with jams by Nobunny, our new crush, Queen Kwong, and San Diego’s own Earthless. As Lou said, take a walk on the wild side, so we did.

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Product Guide: Rocker

After much anticipation the Rocker has arrived! Get all the gritty details and specs while Jacko and Troy do some product testing. Coming to a skateshop near you...

#FollowToFindOut winners will be announced tomorrow. Did you know it was the Rocker?