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Jacko cruises to the Western side of Oz and catches up with the 2013 Jack's Attack winner Jack Kent. Thats a lot of Jacks.

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Surfing On Rockets

Swedish 9er, Martin Speedoff, rallys up another Martin to head south to Spain and get some warm weather, edge of traction runs.

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Sam Stinnett Full Part

Have a look at Skim World Champ and 9er Sam Stinnett as he tackles any wave that gets close to shore. Beast mode!

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New Music Tuesday #56 - Ex-Cult, "Midnight Passenger"

Menacing sounding Memphis band, Ex-Cult has spent the last year smashing their songs into every club they could. Seemingly perfecting their mixture of psych rock low end, post punk guitars, and a hectic vocal story line. Their first single “Midnight Passenger” is a dark look into what will be a scary good release on Goner Records come April.

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Skatesgiving: Soldiers of Downhill

Bombing through the back roads of Ohio is something the Skatesgiving boys look forward to every year. This time the podium was swept by the crew including the Downhill Division's Matt Kienzle and Louis Pilloni.

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Skatin' Them Woods

The Appalachian mountains are a storied and ancient part of the country that also have a stockpile of empty winding roads. Matt Kienzle finds a balance among the season's colors.

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Shano The Pool Hound

Shane Allen has a knack for sniffing out any pool and he’s been ripping this one for years. Bill Sharp captures the shred session.

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Joel Tudor is Supernatural

On a recent pilgrimage to New York, Pilgrim Surf managed to get Joel Tudor in a headlock long enough to dig into his mind and the history behind his legacy on the east and west coast.

"Supernatural is the only word that applies to Joel Tudor and his grace on a surfboard."
-Pilgrim Surf

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9 In The Sky

Sector 9 riders, Alvin Segovia, Louis Pilloni, and Max Capps along with local homie Jimmy Riha, enjoy a California sunset on a winding canyon run down to the beach.

Nashville’s lovable loners, Natural Child, will be releasing their next album 'Dancin' With Wolves' later this month. It rumbles over via the boys at Burger Records on the 25th. Their first single, "Saturday Night Blues", rolls in like a flatbed truck on a small town weekend. Crack it open and listen to it here.