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Board Meeting After Party

The Toronto Board Meeting is going down in 2 weeks and we are ready... especially for the after party!

Cover songs can be great, think Hendrix doing Dylan’s "All Along the Watchtower" or the Chili Peppers doing Stevie Wonder’s "Higher Ground". Here’s locals, Little Hurricane, with a very well considered collection for you to hear... for free. What’s your favorite cover song?

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Ornella Gets Her Skate On

We got the Argentinian surfing firecracker to come down and skate our local ditch and then the bread bowl. Ornella rips in and out of the water, check it.

Ornella Pelizzarri from Natalie Silance on Vimeo.

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Eric Geiselman Sets Up

Eric Geiselman has been off a skateboard for months after recovering from a serious surfing injury which broke his eye socket. On his first trip back to the Bread Bowl he handles the transition like a pro... but don't forget, he's a pro surfer.

Video/Edit: Jon Steele

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Rubik's Raw Run

9er, Micah Green, and Adam Persson have a personal vendetta against each other when it comes to a Rubik's Cube. In this episode from Skate House Media the pair charge down the KnK Freeride course in Slovenia while solving scrambled cubes. 18 hairpins was more than enough time.

Session: Rubik's Cube Run with Adam and Micah from on Vimeo.

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Erica's Not-So-Typical Day

After years of punishment from relentless surf breaks all across the world, Erica Hosseini has regularly struggled with injury over the past few seasons. This year she is back and ready to shine!

Our new favorite band with our new least favorite band name, Diarrhea Planet, is making brown waves all across the music industry with their album 'I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams'. Hear the whole album here:


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Tattoosday #48 - Mailman Rick

If you are lucky enough to have this guy as your mailman then you know how rad he is. Mailman Rick has been a friend of ours for many years and we are honored to have some real-estate on his forearm amongst his legendary San Diego tattoo.

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Building Blackout Party

A great little piece on a great band.

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The Orchid

The Gullwing Assault Van was packed with the local crew with one mission in mind... skate everything! Shaun Ross and Elijah Anderson kept the 9-ball flag flying during their cruiser road trip up to Santa Barbara.