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Tattoosday #56 - Mack Wacey

After a successful Puerto Rico tour Mack decided it was time, time to get a sick new 9-ball tattoo on his shoulder. Thanks Mack for representing like a warrior and we are digging your new ink!

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Skatesgiving: Corner Session

Sometimes even the pros walk the hills they skate. The Skatesgiving crew pays tribute to the groms who still work for their runs.

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Kate Hansen Skated Her Way to Sochi

Southern California firecracker, Kate Hansen, has had quite a winter. The Olympic luger dodged Russian wolves in her hallway, befriended Beyonce, and finished in the top ten at Sochi. We can’t wait to high-five our new friend who rocks her Sector 9 in this LA Times article.:,0,6551409.column?page=1#axzz2uGwfmUTA

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Geiselman's Hawaiian Vacation

You might dream of being in Hawaii with your girlfriend... that could even happen. But, your girlfriend won’t be model Bree Kleintop and she won’t be filming you scoring big barrels and blasting full rotations. If you're Eric Geiselman then that’s exactly what happens.

Red Camera in Hawaii... NOT! (; from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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Sector 9 | Puerto Rico 2014

Guajataka 8 is a wrap. The Downhill Division embraced the island vibes, won the party, and found themselves laying in hammocks, drinking gasolina and mini Medallas, while still ruling every aspect of the event. Congrats to Chance Gaul, 1st in the Slide Jam; Mack Wacey, 2nd in Open; and Jackson Shapiera, 2nd in Slalom.

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David Langer Charges Massive Nazare

On David Langer's first trip to the renowned XXL wave at Nazare the surf gods heard his plea and opened the seas. While Nazare pioneer Garrett MacNamara and big wave charger Hugo Vau danced with giants Langer dipped into the barrel of the day.

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New Music Tuesday #57 - Mozes and the Firstborn

Although Mozes and the Firstborn might sound like some sunny California garage pop, they actually come to us via a Netherlands basement. The Dutch band has been a favorite among the European skate scene and now is ready to cruise west. Their debut album, 'I Got Skills', is reminiscent of the psychedelic 70’s sound met with a nod to easy listening melodies. It comes out this month and you can stream it here.:

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Product Guide: Mini Daisy

The highly anticipated release of the slimmed down Daisy from the Downhill Division lineup has hit the hill. The Mini Daisy, offspring of the versatile shape developed by Louis Pilloni, is the answer to any freerider’s preferred terrain.

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Circus Runs with Gabe Gwynne

Gabe Gwynne of Australia is a man of many talents. Circus tricks and fast skateboarding make for a healthy combination.

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Geiselmans in a Battle of the Brothers

Check the latest installment from Surfline that pits Eric and Evan against the Smith brothers in a photo/video blowout. Our money is of course on the Geisels. Crush em boys!!!

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