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Griptape // Mixtape: Volume #5

There is only one way to open our latest Griptape//Mixtape, and that’s with New York’s king of cool, the late Lou Reed. From there we lead you down an eclectic street of new music with jams by Nobunny, our new crush, Queen Kwong, and San Diego’s own Earthless. As Lou said, take a walk on the wild side, so we did.

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Product Guide: Rocker

After much anticipation the Rocker has arrived! Get all the gritty details and specs while Jacko and Troy do some product testing. Coming to a skateshop near you...

#FollowToFindOut winners will be announced tomorrow. Did you know it was the Rocker?

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Gullwing Pitstops the Skatehouse

Early morning mini ramp session at the Skatehouse and Shaun Ross is already flaring. Gullwing pitstopped on their way up to San Francisco a few weeks ago.

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Hall of Meat: Danny Tumia

Sometimes you land on your feet... sometimes you land on your tailbone, head, knee, and pointer finger all at the same time. Danny Tumia with a brutal demonstration.

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Skateboard Every Damn Day

Back at home in New Smyrna Beach, Eric Geiselman and his good buddy Jeremy Johnston spent an afternoon flowing the bowl.

Oh to be in Big BusinessNot only are Jared Warren and Cody Willis the ever heavy rhythm section of sludge legends The Melvins, but they also get to be Big Business. Behind Cody’s massive drumming and Jared’s pummeling bass and distinct vocal sound comes their 4th full length album 'Battlefields Forever'. And to get your blood flowing these metal champs are leaking songs every couple days, because they can. Here’s the first one, Chump Chance

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Tattoosday #52 - Terrence Webb

Another pure 9-ball tattoo came to us a few weeks back by way of the interwebs... Thanks to Terrence Webb for sharing with us! If you have a Sector 9 tattoo and we don't know about it yet, send it over!

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Gullwing Lost Tapes: Texas

Gullwing uncovered a bunch of lost footage from their trip to Texas this year. Shaun Ross shows his true colors at the Thrasher Deathmatch, while Tibs Parise sneaks in for a few cameos as well.

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Longboard Girls Crew - "Open"

The all female skate squad known as the Longboard Girls Crew made a journey to an unsuspecting place for their newest film. Watch the trailer to find out which culturally rich and scenic destination they chose.

Open Official Trailer from LongboardGirlsCrew on Vimeo.

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Broadway Bomb 2013

Met by the largest police presence in the history of the Broadway Bomb, skaters were forced to dodge barricades, avoid meter maids, and juke the NYPD while they attempted to round-up skateboarders of all ages and skill levels.