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iNi Team tRip

Ripping around the west coast is done best with skateboards and good friends. The iNi Cooperative gathered the best of both worlds and took Elijah Anderson, Shaun Ross, and the rest of the iNi crew on their first team roadtrip.

iNi 2014 Team Trip from Jacob Nunez on Vimeo.

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Joel Tudor, Stylistic Subtleties

The elegance that Joel Tudor displays on a longboard is unmatched. His deep understanding of the ocean and his board provides him the iconic style he is known for. Sit back, relax, and watch a master at work.

Joel. from Adam Burns on Vimeo.

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Extremsportveko Raw Run

Voss, Norway is the setting, Extremsportveko is the event, Erik Lundberg & Matt Kienzle are the riders, speed is the goal...

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New Music Tuesday #78: The Growler's - Good Advice

California gypsy-rockers, The Growlers, debut their new very summer styled single “Good Advice” on Noisey today. The 5-piece return with the jam-folk sing along that should get all the hipster kids' boots shuffling in the sand. ‘Chinese Fountain’ comes out September 23rd on Everloving Records.

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On Board with Louis Pilloni

Wheelbase Magazine cornered Louis Pilloni for an impromptu and fairly personal interview. Louis did what he does best and shot em' straight. Get to know the guy behind the name in this questions and answer session.

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New Music Tuesday #77 - The Black Angels

Psych rock saviors, The Black Angels, just released a new EP today called 'Clear Lake Forest', and below is the live video for "The Flop". The clip, which was directed by Bret Zausmer, is everything we could ever want from the Austin band. Trip out man.

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Tattoosday #58 - Ty Cargill

This tattoo comes by way of Sector 9 family. Ty Cargill is keeping the 9-ball alive and well in Central California. Thanks for the tribute!

If you have a Sector 9 tattoo that we haven't seen, send us a photo to!

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Joel Tudor's Hawaiian Workday

A full day's work for the mystical waterman Joel Tudor can take place almost anywhere with surf. Jon Steele had the pleasure of joining Joel and his crew on the North Shore for a day in the office.

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Downhill Division: Whistler 2014

The Sector 9 Downhill Division was mobbing pack runs at the 2014 IDF Whistler World Cup. With 7 technical hairpins the crew strapped on some GoPro's to capture the action. Congratulations to Jimmy Riha for 2nd in Open, Curt Watts for 1st in Juniors, and Jeff Budro for 3rd in Masters.

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New Music Tuesday #76 - Low Volts on Tour!

Dropping engine grease from coast to coast and rattling cages at every stop, Low Volts is on tour. The one-man lightning storm is on his way through the mid-west with a full schedule ahead. Catch a show and uplift your soul!