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New Music Tuesday #48 - Gap Dream, Shine Your Light

If Gabriel Fulvimar’s first Gap Dream LP was Ohio bedroom psych rock, then his second full length, Shine Your Light, is definitely more California dreamy loner pop.  You see, Gabe  moved out from the Midwest straight to Southern California’s Burger Records. Literally, he lives in a record store. The record reflects the changes in atmosphere, and the heavy synth sounds add layers to his new groovy stories. Welcome to California Gabe, we’re glad you’re here. Now find an apartment.

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Tattoosday #54 - Cameron Frazier

Meet Cameron, he is a long time friend of Sector 9 and a big supporter in the scene. We are proud to display his ode to downhill skateboarding. Bomb Hills Not Countries!

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Downhill Division Update: Europe 2013

Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and France were just some of the stops for the Downhill Division crew as they traveled across Europe for multiple races and freerides.

Featuring: Brendan Davidson, Chad Gibson, Erik Lundberg, Louis Pilloni, Micah Green, and Martin Speedoff, presented by G-Meister.

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La Isla de Alexis

Alexis Rivera is one of the most positive humans you can meet. He shreds on a skateboard and is a proud Puerto Rican. He is a fantastic host, tour guide, and ambassador to the island paradise. Watch Alexis rip all of his favorite local spots while feeling right at home.

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20 Year Gear!

We at Sector 9 are proud to celebrate our 20th year of handcrafting skateboards in San Diego, CA! To help you join in on the party we now have 20 Year Gear available at If not for yourself these items make great holiday gifts!

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From the Mountains to the Sea

There are only a few places in the world where you can skate a world class road starting on top of a mountain and ending with a spectacular view of the ocean. Jacko and Troy take time to enjoy the finer things in life.

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Oktoberfest Skim Championship

A few weeks back, two-time world skim champ Sam Stinnett, was pitted to defend his title against the best skimboarders in the world. The competition was fierce and the beach break was firing! Congrats to Sam for pulling out 3rd place and finishing 2nd globally... 3rd world title coming next season.

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New Music Tuesday #47 - Joe Buck Yourself

You can get stuck working on the road. Sometimes you even get stuck in the Bread Bowl and have to work your way out. Joe Buck Yourself ! and Viva Le Vox stop by Sector 9 on their way to work at The Void tonight. We'll see you there, and check back for the video and interview.

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Tattoosday #53 - Chandler Moncada

"Bomb Hills Not Countries", the legendary adage that surrounds what we all do and love. Thanks to Chandler Moncada for sharing our sentiment and keeping the spirit of downhill skateboarding alive for many years to come.

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Georgia Bontorin Speeds to Another Win

Sector 9 Brazil women's team captain, Georgia Bontorin, is a on a roll! After finishing 2nd place in the global IDF rankings, Georgia took her new set of Steamrollers out to the fastest race in the world and won! The Top Skate Pro Teutonia gathers speeds up to 70mph making it the fastest and one of the most exciting in the world!