The legendary Melvins front man is releasing a solo acoustic record? Can’t be! It’s true, and everything is going to be fine. “I have no interest in sounding like a crappy version of James Taylor or a half-assed version of Woody Guthrie,” he said. We never doubted you King Buzzo.

Here’s the first single, "Dark Brown Teeth" off the upcoming album, 'This Machine Kills Artists'.

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New Music Tuesday #60 - The Coathangers "Follow Me"

Sector 9 has had woman rock on the brain all week. We’re coming down off shows from guitar rockers Deap Vally and indi dance duo Okapi Sun, so we needed another shot of estrogen. It comes in the form of Atlanta garage punks, The Coathangers, with their sharp and snarly single “Follow Me”. The tattooed trio’s next album, 'Suck My Shirt', comes out next week on Suicide Squeeze. Thanks girls.

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New Music Tuesday #59 - OFF! "Hypnotized"

OFF! is a punk rock super group headed up by the legendary Keith Morris (Black Flag/ Circle Jerks), any good punk fan knows that. But did you know drummer Mario Rubalcaba, who’s played in every good San Diego band was once pro for Alva? Now you know. Listen to their second really loud single "Hypnotized" from the upcoming 'Wasted Years' album on Vice Records.

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New Music Tuesday #58: DZ Deathrays

Our Aussie friends, DZ Deathrays deliver another blow to the head from their soon to be blasted LP, 'Black Rat'. “Gina Works At Hearts”, the second single, is a 1, 2 combination of crunchy metal riffs and pitch perfect vocals. It’s a lot of welcomed racket from this talented and loud duo.


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New Music Tuesday #57 - Mozes and the Firstborn

Although Mozes and the Firstborn might sound like some sunny California garage pop, they actually come to us via a Netherlands basement. The Dutch band has been a favorite among the European skate scene and now is ready to cruise west. Their debut album, 'I Got Skills', is reminiscent of the psychedelic 70’s sound met with a nod to easy listening melodies. It comes out this month and you can stream it here.:

Nashville’s lovable loners, Natural Child, will be releasing their next album 'Dancin' With Wolves' later this month. It rumbles over via the boys at Burger Records on the 25th. Their first single, "Saturday Night Blues", rolls in like a flatbed truck on a small town weekend. Crack it open and listen to it here.

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New Music Tuesday #54 - Black Lips

Atlanta’s garage rock rulers the Black Lips will release their next record “Underneath the Rainbow” on Vice next month. Like a tipped over bottle dripping on the floor, the leaked first single, “Boys in the Wood”, sticks to you with its woozy blues approach. Drink it in slowly because it will leave you wanting more.

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New Music Tuesday #53 - Happy Casbah Day!

Who would have thought 25 years of great underground rock n’ roll shows would land you a civic holiday? Mayor Todd Gloria of San Diego has announced today, January 14th, as 'Casbah Day'. To celebrate, Sector 9 is a proud sponsor of “25 Years of the Casbah”. You should join us, it’s your civic duty.