There is just something about a charging rhythm, a pretty voice, and a snarling guitar that gets us every time. Former Vivian Girl, Katy Goodman’s new project, La Sera gives us all that in aces. Spin the brutal breakup song, “Losing to the Dark” from Hardly Art Records below.

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New Music Tuesday #67: Dan Sartain - 'Dudesblood'

Our favorite Alabama greaser, Dan Sartain, is back with his most eclectic mix of punk and rockabilly with 'Dudesblood'. The new release is a raucous run of distorted guitars and slow burn blues, and you can stream the whole album here courtesy of One Little Indian Records.

This week’s jam fell out of the sky in the form of Dylan Baldi’s, Cloud Nothings. The first single, “I’m Not Part of Me” is a murky, hook laden combination of noise pop and post punk that makes you hit repeat. Their third album, 'Here and Nowhere Else', floats in on the Carpark label. You can hear the single below on Soundcloud. Soundcloud Nothings?

In a move only Jack White could make, he recorded, mastered, pressed, and sold a record all in one day. Fans were on hand at Nashville’s Third Man Records to take witness to the miracle on Record Store Day. In a matter of hours after hearing it laid down live, lucky rockers walked away with a copy. Hear the blistering 45 RPM single “Lazeretto” here.

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New Music Tuesday #64 - Warpaint

In some kind of perfect world LA’s all girl psych dreamers, Warpaint, met up with director/former pro skater, Laben Pheidias, to make a double video. The result is our latest band crush dancing in the street and night skating with Justin Eldridge and our old friend Kris Markovich. This weekend you can find us swaying to Warpaint’s woozy set at Coachella.

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New Music Tuesday #63 - White Laces

East Coast indie pop rockers White Laces are the new band that all the cool bands dig. This first track off their second album is a bright, fuzzed out roller that’s hard not to like. But really, we like it because it’s called “Skate or Die”.

Our friend Hank 3 continues his DIY creative purge with a new psychedelic video from the haunted ranch. It’s off of his latest record, the intense and howling, 'A Fiendish Threat'. Here you can share his vision to the acoustic punk mantra, “Different From The Rest”. It may inspire you to stay different and do something yourself too.

The legendary Melvins front man is releasing a solo acoustic record? Can’t be! It’s true, and everything is going to be fine. “I have no interest in sounding like a crappy version of James Taylor or a half-assed version of Woody Guthrie,” he said. We never doubted you King Buzzo.

Here’s the first single, "Dark Brown Teeth" off the upcoming album, 'This Machine Kills Artists'.