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Downhill Division on the Podium

Sector 9 was everywhere this last weekend. Micah Green took 2nd at Newton's Nation in Australia and Puerto Rican, Jomar Guzman, got third in the Catalina Classic. Downhill Division kicks off a nice start to the race season, congrats boys!

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Tattoosday #34 - Gavin Gets Pitted

A timeless likeness of Gavin Beschen skating a pintail through a dry barrel... Epic! This tattoo came to us a few years ago but is more than worthy of Tattoosday.

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Tattoosday #33 - Igor Lage

From the land of topless beaches and all night dance clubs, is Brazilian downhiller Igor Lage.  Igor keeps it original with the cover of Sector 9’s video “Rollin” immortalized on his back. Cover art by Phil Stanhope.


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Tattoosday #32 - Greg Fischer

We met Greg this past weekend at the PHX AM and couldn't have found a bigger fan if we tried. Double 9-Balls!? Thanks for the support and we will see you next year!


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Tattoosday #31 - A Perfect Example

The reason you get Sector 9 tattoos on the back of your arm is so all the people you skate past know what your riding. Here is a perfect example.

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Tattoosday #30 - Shoulder Shredder

During the downtime between race heats we snapped a photo of this shoulder piece right before taking off down the hill.  Needless to say we didn't get this dude's name but we dig it!

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Introducing the Butterballs!

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Tattoosday #29 - The Skating Dead

This tattoo comes from Sector 9er Esteban Torres with a deadly twist on our classic Bert logo.  Sector 9 ‘til death!