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Erica Hosseini as Bo Derek?...

Since EG wont introduce us to Erica we have to settle for photo shoots...  I heard she looks even better in person, especially when shes throwing massive hacks in your face!!!

Check out the Bo Derek look alike!

Bo-Derek "TEN" Shoot from on Vimeo.

Visit her page:

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Jeff the Brotherhood reaches Nirvana

Tennessee’s Sector 9 bros, Jeff The Brotherhood, were tapped to contribute to Spin Mag’s free record download this month. It’s a project celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Nirvana’s 'Nevermind'. The boys cover “Something in the Way”, and it’s the best jam on the compilation!

The Brotherhood doing Nirvana? Come on!


Download the free Tribute album here:


Follow Jeff the Brotherhood’s blog:

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Danny Tumia grabs 2nd at the Bonfire Pipe-to-Pipe

Danny Tumia took 2nd in the recent Bonfire 'Pipe-to-Pipe' pro. Congrats to Danny!

Photo: M. Goetz

Bonfire Snowboarding's 14th Annual Pipe To Pipe from Salomon Snowboards on Vimeo.

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Introducing the Downhill Division Helmet

Sector 9 is proud to announce our collaborative efforts with premier downhill helmet maker, Predator. This new Downhill Division jewel is one of the first ever production made helmets specifically designed with the higher speeds of downhill skateboarding in mind. It's available in three colors, so look for it at your local S9 supplier.

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Jon Steele goes home... This is Texas.

Sector 9 Family member and photog, Jon Steele, spent all last week at home in Texas doing exactly what you should be doing this weekend.  Its summer time, enjoy it!



Check out his Blog here:

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Those who surf together, drink together...

The only thing more popular in NY than Long Island ripper Balaram Stack is Stella Artois. And when it comes to some of San Clemente's favorite things Tanner Rozunko and Budweiser come to mind. Here are the two S9 teammates and drinking buddies.

Thanks to whoever bought them the beer! Cheers!

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Somewhere in the 805...

Shane “ INSANO”  Allen just finished draining this rough monster out in the hills of Southern California, somewhere in the 805.  Check back soon as he plans on jumping into it off the back-ho….the dude is nuts!!!!!!

See what Shane is all about:

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Boardwalk Poker Run photo album

Check out the photo album from this year's Go Skateboarding Day - Boardwalk Poker Run!  Thanks to everyone who came out!