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Annie Sullivan kills it in the Dirty Dirty South

Louisiana Check-List:  Six pack of beer, Copenhagen dip, NRA card, 4 dead bucks, but no mud on the boots... suspect...

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9-Ball Truckin' For Life!

The Sector 9 bread truck  has overcome Sierra blizzards without chains, giant Mexican potholes the size of a moon craters, Montreal punker riots, and Santa Cruz all nighters. The machine has camped illegally in Yosemite, avoided the mafia in NYC, and has seen more rock shows than Rolling Stone.  It’s been around the USA twice, maybe more with all the u-turns.   This single truck has changed more lives than Mother Theresa. Today it returns to the 5 North as a beacon of glowing yellow light guiding you to the promise land...

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Alexis Rivera - 'Mundo Rad' Skater of the Year

Alexis Rivera is one of the raddest dudes you could meet in Puerto Rico, not to mention he absolutely rips! Congratulations Alexis for becoming Mundo Rad's Skater of The Year!!

Alexis also drives VW buses... another reason we love this guy...

Mike Morrissey and Jon Steele took Texas by storm! They hunted boar, they surfed tanker waves, they skated everything, and they still made it back in time for Thanksgiving!

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Random Tattoo of the Week...

Big Bruce from Cocoa Beach sent this to us. It's not him and we're not sure if the tattoo is supposed to look as beat up as the board but we do love this guy.  Dedicated for sure....

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Transworld Business gets to the Roots of Sector 9. Enjoy the read!

Take a look into Sector 9's roots, where we are today, and where we are headed in the future through the eyes of Founders Steve Lake, Dennis Telfer, Dave Klimkiewicz, and EG Fratantaro.

  Read the tale here:

Big Thanks to Transworld Business.

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Grand Opening of Sector 9's European HQ and Retail Store!

Could it be true that the Europeans have a more advanced culture than us Americans? Do they have better fashion? Better food/wine? How about a better social care system? The answer is debatable... the one thing that Europe does have over us, and anyone else in the world, is the first ever Sector 9 Retail store!!!

Front Desk

The Board Wall

Workshop Zone

It’s all Sector 9, all day! If you don’t believe me then you can book a trip to Hossegor France to see for yourself. If you can't afford the trip, then here's some more pictures from the Grand Opening.

Sector 9 Europe Crew

This Hi-Fi system can be heard from 10 Blocks away!!!


To see skateboarding spreading and thriving in a place like Uganda, along with other places all across the world is amazing. Skateboarding is the same everywhere and thats what makes it pure... like this massive frontside air by Douglas Mwesigwa!

Article via Time: