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Ornella Pellizzari Indulges in Guilty Pleasure

Argentinian shredder, Ornella Pellizzari, stopped by S9 Europe headquarters to hang out and grab a new board. This chick rips!

Peep the footy!


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The Avett Brothers Custom Deck

We have been lucky enough over the years to be able to make custom skateboards for some of the coolest and most diverse bands out there. Ever seen a Bad Religion or Hank III skate deck? Yep that was us. The Avett Brothers are no exception, and their deck came out sweet. Thanks for the photo bros!

Go see their brand of Folk Rock on tour this summer:

For more Sector 9 music news join us here:

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Tattoosday #10 - Switzer Is a 9-Ball

No Patrick Switzer is not riding for Sector 9, but he does have a 9-ball tattoo on his hip. Safe to say he's down, and CONGRATS on the Danger Bay win buddy!!!

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It Feels So Good to Be a Winner!

The first ever Sector 9 Campus 9-Ball Hunt at SDSU was a huge success! These are our two winners, JD and Matt coming to collect their prize money. Welcome to the new warehouse boys! See you next year for round 2!


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Tattoosday #9

We think this one came from a customer at Sun Diego. As you can see this kid is down for life, not only for the NINE but for bamboo pintails. Love it!

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Tattoosday #8 - 9Ball Leg Tattoos Are Cool!

Not sure who this is but we thank you for being down for life!!! And we also thank you for covering up the toilet in the background...

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S9 Downhill Division... Ready to Rule

These kids weren't even born when the Laguna Seca Race first started. Here we go, we'll have results by sunset!.

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Tattoosday #7 - Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer representing so hard!  He got that tat while in Portland on a skate tour. Niner for life!