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Tattoosday #16 - Bomb Shoulders Not Countries!

Downhill bro, Denis Hildebrand, has taken bomb hills not countries to the next level. This is one of the most badass shoulder pieces we have seen, it reminds us of the old BHNC days!

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Mike Morrissey Owns this Wave

A little hidden gem in Mike's hometown of Laguna gets ripped a new one! Great photo by friend Jon Steele.

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Ornella Lays it Back!

Check out our cute Argentinian powerhouse, Ornella Pellizzari, laying it back super style in Venezuela last week. YEOW!!!

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Tattoosday #15 - Aaron Isaac in The 808

We are proud to be sharing a shoulder with the 808 and Banksy... Aaron Isaac repping it hard for the 9! Thanks for the dermal donation bra... let us know when your ready for a Brandy tattoo!

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Aidan Lynds Climbs the IGSA Rankings

Aidan Lynds, Sector 9 Wheel Team Rider, took a healthy first place in Monterreal, Mexico. His win in this IGSA sanctioned event helped to boost his ranking. Keep it up brother, and good luck through the rest of the race season!

"Event was good, crazy ass course with lots of dust on the road making it very inconsistent and slidy as hell."

-Aidan Lynds

Photo: Alysha Frizzell

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Jarrah Tutton Schralps!

You know how when you take someone back to a skate spot that you grew up shredding and its not nearly as cool as it used to be? Case in point with this one as Jarrah brings us to a little shred spot that would be great if we were 6 inches tall... He still had a barefoot session on it.  

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Tattoosday #14 - Go Skate Day

This guy showed up for Sector 9’s Poker Run on Go Skate Day and pretty much made our day when he flashed the 9. Going for a nice clean calf tat on this one. Cant remember the dude's name but we owe you a beer!!!

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Go Skateboarding Day Goes Off!!!

S9’s 7th Annual Boardwalk Poker Run was a blast! Kids came from all over to celebrate skateboarding. Take a look at the photo album for all the good times, and don’t miss us next year!