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Tattoosday #19 - Dudebro, 9er for Life!

Dudebro, had Big Jay of Vancouver fill in a little empty section on his arm with a big ol’ 9-ball.  Makes you want to get one too, huh kids?

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Sammy Stinnett On Fire, Wins Again!

"Sam Stinnett did it again last weekend winning the first ever Portuguese UST event and racking up his third win in only four events so far this season.  Sam could be on his way to the best UST season of all time as he has already tied last years record three wins in a single season, and we are just at the half way mark."

-United Skim Tour

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Tattoosday #18 - Zenned Out

Buddha, Lotus flowers, and 9-balls. Three symbols that all have one thing in common… they are part of a tattoo on the shoulder of a guy sitting on the toilet! Epic!

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Tudor Takes US Open

Joel proved yet again that he is one of the steeziest dudes on a board by winning the Pacifico Nose Riding Contest at the U.S. Open. Congrats!

Photo: Checkwood

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Tattoosday #17 - A Memorial

We were going to try and write something for this, but its best left in the hands of the owner:

"Hey guys, I've got two tattoos that's from your company and I figured maybe you'd enjoy seeing them. But there's a story behind it you'd never guess. I've been longboarding for about 5 years now, all Because I became friends with a guy named Aaron Boileau. He was a few years older than me but we both played football. He was #36. As time went on, we both skated together a lot and became great friends. A few years ago he joined the army. Did five years as a green beret and was discharged this February. Two [months] ago he passed away due to military related issues. And how else to commemorate my friend than a tattoo of our biggest connection: our love for skating. So I have my Goddess (with additional color), his favorite Sector 9 quote, and his number on me forever. God bless you guys and your company."

-Jake Cheshier

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Lil' Nate Just Keeps...

...getting better and better, and we keep getting fatter... but really. Nate was skating the Bread Bowl a lot before its destruction and every time his airs would be bigger, grinds longer, you get the point, and we just took a swill of beer. Kid rips!

Nate gets Gold in Vert and Bowl, and Silver in Mini Ramp.

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Czech the Back Smith…

It was pouring today in the Czech Republic so Lou opted for back smiths on the 76’ board. More to come as the Downhill Division has invaded Europe...

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3 x 3 = 9 In Whistler

In with the new and in with the old. Meaning Jeff Budro nails 3rd in Masters and Chance Gaul follows suit in Juniors, while Louis got 5th in the Pro division. Well done lads!