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Downhill Division Lost in Colorado

"We hit an epic mountain pass yesterday, 60+ mph staightaways into hairpins. Fast pack riding. I normally never wear leathers outside of racing but going that fast next to a group the leather was a nice comfort to have. Tony and Pete had a bit of a crash but got away with minor bruising.We got 7 or 8 runs in  before getting busted by the state trooper who was way chill (6 miles long runs so it was plenty)."

-Louis Pilloni

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Harrison Roach pulls off the Duct Tape

This past weekend Harrison Roach pulled off a big win in Biarritz, France. The annual Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational, accompanied by the Quiksilver Pro - France, brought numerous legends and up-and-comers to the beaches of Biarritz.  Congrats to Harrison for nose-riding his way to $4000.

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Bill Walton Throws Praise!

Down at S9 HQ we had the pleasure of hearing legendary basketball player Bill Walton speak. Here he is in all his glory, sweating, and giving us some classic inspiring stories!  

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Field Gear Now Available!

When you embark on a skate mission you have to be prepared for anything. With the NEW Field Accessory Line you can bring everything and anything you might need with you on the road!

Extra decks, wheels, griptape, Coors Light, GoPro, skate tool, bearing lube, laptop, Budweiser, food, helmet, gloves, Shoe Goo, clothes, sunglasses, clown wig, camera, memory cards, pen, paper, picture of your grandma, Tecate and so much more... all held by your Field Gear!

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S9 Crushes Menlo Park

For the third year running, Northern California's favorite downhill jam returned to Menlo Park. Featuring a closed road, ramps, rails, music, food and fun, this year was better then ever! With over 100 skaters and even more specators, there was never a dull moment.  And to top it all off Louis and Chance both took 1st place!!

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Tattoosday #22 - South Pacific

Here is one from the archives. This was sent to us back in the early 90's. The thing that makes this really special is that it was done using the ancient native technique of tattooing. If this is you, get back to us!

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Dustin Ray R.I.P. - 1973-2012

Hello friends,

Sadly, this past weekend Sector 9 lost a long time team rider &  family member, Dustin Ray.  Not only was D Ray a great surfer and ambassador for the Central Coast, but he was mainly known for his almost unbelievably positive attitude.  Even through hardships he would never stop smiling.

Dustin was a hard worker and single parent of 3 children. His children’s mother also passed away a few years ago. Now leaving Dustin’s Mom alone to raise the  kids. She will not be able to handle this burden herself, so we are asking our friends and family to help out and donate to Dustin’s family at this incredibly difficult time.

Thank You,

Sector 9


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Sector 9 will never forget 911

Well we all know what day it is so please take the time on this 9-11 to keep the victims and their families in your thoughts. We can’t remember who took this photo and sent it to us but we thank you.