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Kate Hansen Skated Her Way to Sochi

Southern California firecracker, Kate Hansen, has had quite a winter. The Olympic luger dodged Russian wolves in her hallway, befriended Beyonce, and finished in the top ten at Sochi. We can’t wait to high-five our new friend who rocks her Sector 9 in this LA Times article.:,0,6551409.column?page=1#axzz2uGwfmUTA

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Remembering September 11, 2001

Remembering the lives lost on September 11, 2001 and those lost while fighting for our Freedoms to this day. Long Live the United States of Amercia.

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We love Kim Mayer and you should too!!!

'Santa Cruz Waves' spotlight on Kim Mayer.:

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Morrissey on Cote's Cube

Mike Morrissey's back is healed and the dude is shredding!!  Here he is with our favorite rock nerd Chris Cote on the legendary 'Cote's Cube'.

Check it:

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10th Anniversary of Concrete Wave

Cory Juneau turns 12 and nabs his first cover on the 10th Anniversary Issue of Concrete Wave, not a bad month for the little shredder.

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RIP - Randy 'Macho Man' Savage


His presence and unforgettable "Oh Yeah!" will be missed. RIP Randy Savage.

San Diego Padre's pitcher, Luke Gregerson, rides retro. When he's not riding his Sector 9 to the stadium for practice and games, he rolls in style with his 67' Camaro.

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Clark Gracie at the Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

Team Rider Clark Gracie reps Sector 9 at  the Pan American Jiu-jitsu tournament in Irvine, CA., last weekend. Its a four day tournament put on by the IBJJF. Pan is the second biggest tournament in the world after the Worlds, which is held in June. Clark won his first 3 matches, but lost by 2 points to the champion of the division, thus taking 3rd place. Clark is a local to La Jolla and has an academy there where he teaches Gracie jiu jitsu. For more info check out or "clark gracie jiu jitsu" on facebook.