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Rider's Day Off With Jon Steele

Find a rider on their day off, drink a beer with them, snap some photos. Afterwords ESPN picks up the story... no big deal. Jon Steele, on a roll!

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Mike Morrissey Owns this Wave

A little hidden gem in Mike's hometown of Laguna gets ripped a new one! Great photo by friend Jon Steele.

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Sk8 No Es Crimen

  Photog Guerilla, Senor Jon Steele, has sent correspondence from Ecuador, "Skateboarding is not a crime". He’s down there on a surf/skate mission getting some quiet time and hanging with the locals.   Be sure to check out Jon's Blog.

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Gavin Beschen vs. the Coconuts

Surf/Skate photog Jon Steele recently met up with Gavin Beschen to do an interview for ESPN.

Gavin beat the coconuts...

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Jon Steele goes home... This is Texas.

Sector 9 Family member and photog, Jon Steele, spent all last week at home in Texas doing exactly what you should be doing this weekend.  Its summer time, enjoy it!



Check out his Blog here:

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Join San Clemente's photographer/ filmmaker Jon Steele as he takes you through a typical day in his workflow. From sunup to sundown this hard working surf photographer shows you the ins and outs of a daily work day and the many hours it takes to nail the shots that make it to publishing and the web.  It's not all fun and games or an easy job by any means and is definitely a lifestyle portrayed differently than most take it to be. Follow Jon and his merry gang of athletes as they rip, tear and shred the day away in Orange County.
Video: Jon Arman