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Full Part - Shaun Ross

Gullwing Truck Co. and Thrasher Magazine have finally released the long anticipated full part from our concrete destroyer Shaun Ross. Giving it everything he's got is what he's all about, and it reflects in this relentless Scott Gerent edit. Congrats Shaun, we are stoked for you buddy!

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Almabtrieb with the Downhill Division

The Downhill Division is touring Europe for the next few weeks and stacking clips at every possible apex. Last week at the Almabtrieb Downhill race in Germany they convinced a luger friend to eat their dust and get the shot.

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Shaun Ross Full Part Teaser

His full part is done and ready to be dropped on the world! Check Thrasher on Friday for Shaun Ross' rise from the underground!

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Gabe Gwynne One-Times Japan

Gabe Gwynne is quite the globetrotter, finding his way all around the world in search of winding roads and buttery asphalt. This time he ended up in the Japanese hill country navigating narrow switchbacks with Matt K. on the follow cam.

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Enchanting the Super 8

In the skate world Albuquerque, NM is known for it’s endless ditches and expanse of skateable concrete. However it’s more commonly known as the Land of Enchantment, and that’s exactly what it did to the Deep End team. Get lost in the lo-def Super 8 preview. Full-length hi-def recap coming soon!

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Ride-Along With Gavin

The mysto barrel hunter, sometimes known as Gavin Beschen, gives us an up-close look at what it’s like inside the tube. Puerto decided to show Gavin again why it’s so legendary on his short trip south of the border. Thanks to Jon Steele for the zen-like edit, Pete Hodgson for the footy, and GoPro for the lens.

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Official Video: Angie's Curves

Angie's Curves has been a topic of discussion at every race since the final times were posted, Instagram photos (and videos) were leaked, and James Kelly drove back to the SkateHouse $5000 richer.  Now after days of waiting, we are prepared to unleash the footage from the event that changed competitive downhill racing forever.

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Private Session: Skateboarder Magazine

When Skateboarder Magazine requested a private session on the Bread Bowl we were more than willing to make it happen and are we glad we did! Watch the video and you will see what we mean...