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Travel Guide to Nicaragua

As surf tourism makes its way into new communities around the world, it brings about social change that can be positive if managed correctly. Kyle Thiermann of Surfing for Change made it a personal mission to go to Nicaragua and investigate exactly this.

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Guajataka Quick Clips

The Guajataka Downhill race just went down in Puerto Rico and the Sector 9 Downhill Division crushed it!! Victor got onto a plane for the first time and was happy to skate with the locals... Enjoy some Quick Clips as they session the slide jam and battle through the crowded corners of the Guajataka Downhill Race.

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Mack Wacey | Guajataka Raw Run

The Downhill Division's Mack Wacey puts on the GoPro and shows us all that the race spectators can be more dangerous than the road itself!

Raw Run: Guajataka Downhill 7 from on Vimeo.

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Deep End Team on Oahu

Shaun Ross, Danny Tumia, and Tyler Martin, recently took a trip to skate with Hawaii local Billy Fortier.  The boys were frothing and got straight into a session off the plane.  Street spots, demos, and private bowls... nothing was left unskated.

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Ryland Rubens in Nicaragua

Why is it that 14 year old aspiring professional surfers have more stamps in their passports than we do?  In with the new, I guess. Regardless we are very stoked to see Ryland shredding up Nicaragua and hope he takes us with him next time!

Nicaragua with Ryland Rubens from Ryland Rubens on Vimeo.

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Louis Gets RAD!

RAD Wheels just dropped a scorcher of a video with our boy Louis leading the charge! Fasten your seatbelts for this one!

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Meet Our Friends Billy & Jon

Meet our friend Jon Steele who just met our friend and rider Billy Fortier. Thanks to Steve of Cholos for the session at his top secret tropical hideaway!

Full story from Jon Steele here:

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Hard Work Pays Back

Ricky Whitlock, one of the most determined, hard-working surfers around has been awarded the Transworld Surf ‘Comeback of the Year’! After breaking his back at Pipeline last year and being told he may never surf again, Ricky worked tirelessly to rehab and champion his injury. Watch the documentary Ricky Whitlock: L-1, T-12 for the full story.

See it on Transworld: