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Rubik's Raw Run

9er, Micah Green, and Adam Persson have a personal vendetta against each other when it comes to a Rubik's Cube. In this episode from Skate House Media the pair charge down the KnK Freeride course in Slovenia while solving scrambled cubes. 18 hairpins was more than enough time.

Session: Rubik's Cube Run with Adam and Micah from on Vimeo.

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Erica's Not-So-Typical Day

After years of punishment from relentless surf breaks all across the world, Erica Hosseini has regularly struggled with injury over the past few seasons. This year she is back and ready to shine!

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Blastoff to Almabtrieb

Strap on your astronaut helmet and take a trippy visual journey to the Almabtrieb finals in Germany with Downhill Division aces Brendan Davidson, Micah Green, Erik Lundberg, and Louis Pilloni.

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Safety First!

We hope everyone is having an incredibly fun, yet safe summer! We feel it is necessary to remind you of the dangers of skateboarding and provide some knowledge from which you can keep yourself safe while still enjoying time on your board. Check out two of the top pros out there, Jeff Budro and Louis Pilloni, as they break it down in this Road Awareness video. And please ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!!!!!

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Micah's Closed Road

Ford Motor Company grabbed Micah Green and his friends and asked them if they would be interested in skating their favorite Utah road... while it was closed to the public! Of course they obliged and this spectacular new Ford commercial was born. Can you spot Micah with his white Predator helmet and Brandy Downhill Division deck?

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A few days of hanging with the Oregon goons, a couple skateparks, and the finest crew of beer drinkers north of California. Thats what Shaun Ross and Keith Baldassare got when they landed in Portland and got picked up by Tyler Martin and Danny Tumia.

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A Week at Lowers

We love our surfers who can skateboard as well as surf, Eric Geiselman is one of the best cross-over guys around. Watch in this edit as he combines the two and skates the waves during a week at Lowers.

Lowers from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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Billy Skates Pools

Being from the tropical paradise of Hawaii has its perks; good surf, great weather, and plenty of pools to skate. Billy Fortier is a pool master and showcases his skills all across the empty concrete swimming holes of the Hawaiian Islands.