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New Music Tuesday #64 - Warpaint

In some kind of perfect world LA’s all girl psych dreamers, Warpaint, met up with director/former pro skater, Laben Pheidias, to make a double video. The result is our latest band crush dancing in the street and night skating with Justin Eldridge and our old friend Kris Markovich. This weekend you can find us swaying to Warpaint’s woozy set at Coachella.

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Product Guide: Striker

Somewhere between the surf and the streets is where the Striker makes its home. Easy cruising and aggressive carving is where this board shines. While pumping down the boardwalk you may find yourself dreaming of right-handers and tropical getaways.

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Billy Fortier: Cholos Session

Billy Fortier is a pool shark. Not the kind you find smoldering at your local bar, but the kind that builds renegade bowls in the jungle, will jump any fence for a few runs, plus has access to private backyards like the Cholos Bowl.

Billy Fortier cholos shred sesh from Chris Miyashiro on Vimeo.

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Skatesgiving: On The Road

Another episode from the Skatesgiving crew highlights antics between friends, high speed downhill skating, and a van load of good clean fun! Louis Pilloni and Matt Kienzle lead the charge for the 9-balls.

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Daniel In The Desert

Every summer animals migrate to the dusty points of Mexico. They live in the cliffs and feed on south swells. One such animal is “Pinche Flacco", or Daniel Graham as he’s known in the north.

Daniel also just made to the 21st century, follow him on Instagram here: @DanielAugustGraham

dgrham from UFA Films on Vimeo.

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Single Fin Weekend

Geiselman grabs a few of his favorite single fins, his filmer aka girlfriend, some new-fangled aerial gear, and calls it a weekend.

Single Fin Weekend from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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Alien Sighting

Not really, it’s just long time 9er Gavin Beschen at home on Oahu. Jon Steele put together this groovy short flick about Gavin's daily life of pulling into giant caverns, tending the organic gardens, and spending time with family.

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Eric Geiselman's Spring Quiver

Summer in the Northern hemisphere means smaller surf but that's not stopping Eric Geiselman. Orion Surfboards styled him out a with a few summer time sticks just in time for trunk season.

Boards for the Summer from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.