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East Coast Surfing Championships 2013

Virginia Beach is for lovers, and home of the oldest surf contest in America. The East Coast Surfing Championships is the pride of the right coast, and our surf team was stoked to be there. Thanks to Coastal EdgeVans, and all those really nice kids.

Photo Album Here!

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Ornella Gets Her Skate On

We got the Argentinian surfing firecracker to come down and skate our local ditch and then the bread bowl. Ornella rips in and out of the water, check it.

Ornella Pelizzarri from Natalie Silance on Vimeo.

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Eric Geiselman Sets Up

Eric Geiselman has been off a skateboard for months after recovering from a serious surfing injury which broke his eye socket. On his first trip back to the Bread Bowl he handles the transition like a pro... but don't forget, he's a pro surfer.

Video/Edit: Jon Steele

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Erica's Not-So-Typical Day

After years of punishment from relentless surf breaks all across the world, Erica Hosseini has regularly struggled with injury over the past few seasons. This year she is back and ready to shine!

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Barrels Built For Kyle

Not only does he travel the world doing good, but he travels the world mastering some of the best surf breaks in the world. Surfing For Change spokesman and founder, Kyle Thiermann, finds a few man size barrels south of the border.

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A Week at Lowers

We love our surfers who can skateboard as well as surf, Eric Geiselman is one of the best cross-over guys around. Watch in this edit as he combines the two and skates the waves during a week at Lowers.

Lowers from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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Kilgar Wins at Malibu

The 7th Annual Malibu Invitational last weekend went off in small sunny conditions. A good crew of Niners were on hand to represent but it was Kilian Garland that took 1st place and bragging rights. Congrats Kilgar!

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In Tudor Style

In his own respect Joel Tudor is a yoga guru, jiu jitsu master, skateboard junkie, and champion surfer; all of which he does in his own Tudor style.