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Vote For Kyle Thiermann

Sector 9 Surfer and Film Maker, Kyle Thiermann, has his short film "Where is Away" in the Possible Futures Film Contest. If he wins it will be a big step in the right direction to helping solve plastic pollution.

Watch the film and then vote for Kyle here.

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An Interview with Kyle Thiermann

Sector 9 Surfer and Environmental Activist, Kyle Thiermann.

"Some might argue the spark was ignited back in 1990. Back when Facebook was yet to be conceptualized and Kyle Thiermann was a 10-year-old boy growing up in Santa Cruz. The son of environmentally active parents, he had only just set foot on a surfboard for the first time. A decade later, he would combine those two passions—surfing and environmental activism—in a career that would see him traveling around the world as a teacher and filmmaker."

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The Surf / Skate Connection

Sector 9 surfers Joel Tudor and Eric Geiselman are featured in's article, "The Surf/Skate Connection - Chapter 1".

Surfing came first, but skateboarding is beginning to infuse itself into the sport.  Not only are the tricks crossing over, but its almost impossible to find a pro surfer who doesnt skate as well....

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Another Beschen?!?!

Noah Beschen brings that classic family style back to San Clemente for the summer. Growing up on the North Shore its no wonder he looks so comfortable dropping in on people. Big smile, big future.

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Daniel Graham wins El Torneo de Longboard Surfing

One thing learned on our latest Baja run is if you’re going to drive through desert salt flats at 80 mph with a dog named Macho, its best to do it listening to Electronic music turned to 11.  San Juanico is quite a hike from San Diego, but the sleepy fishing town holds some seriously fun point surf.  Sector 9ers Daniel Graham, Drake Stanley, Rob Molt (and Macho of course) made it down for the sweet little Mexican surf fiesta, "El Torneo de Longboard Surf".  Thanks to the folks of San Juanico, Manuel, the hut at the Burro, and the La Paz party crew for the great times... and thanks to Macho for the help through the Federale check points on the way home. Viva Mexico!

More surf shots from Slide Magazine:

Drake Stanley, Rob Molt, and the champ... Daniel Graham DG, aka "pinche Flacco". Daniel donated the board to the locals and kept the pancho.

Tecate's, tequila, and Caballeros... hard to top that party.

Pancho barrels to cap off the night...

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Erica Hosseini on the Gold Coast

Erica Hosseini Baby-G Watches from TINSTAAFL Productions on Vimeo.

Sector 9 Surfer, Erica Hosseini, spent 2 months down in Australia surfing the Gold Coast and doing photo shoots. This video from Baby-G watches was filmed while she was there and gives us a look into her time in the Southern Hemisphere... enjoy!

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Ugly Americans Tour: Gold Coast Surf Trip

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Sector Nueve en Los Cabos

The Sector 9 Surf Team have been surfing beers and crushing waves down in Cabo San Lucas all week.  There must be less gravity south of the border because the boys were blasting massive airs all over Baja California.

Check out the madness here: