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S9 Girls Get Down, Down Under

Video #2 from Annie Sullivan and Jen Smith. The girls have been hitting the skate parks and wrestling Koalas. They have also been dealing with some rain but nothing a stop at the pub cant cure. More action coming this week!

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This Just In!


Jen getting IN THE ZONE with some Arcade Fire on the headphones before winning her heat in the quarter finals of the Australian Longboard Open in Kingscliff, NSW this morning.

Wow, that's a mouthful.

Back to the beach...


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Smith and Sullivan Down Under

Jen Smith and Annie Sullivan started the tour right by hitting Noosa and hanging out with Harrison Roach. While the rest of us are here slapping our keyboards, the girls are cross-stepping their way into another adventure. Go get em' girls!

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This is Tudor Style...

Joel Tudor hits crowded Malibu to SUP invaded Cardiff and really doesn’t have a problem getting a wave. Makes you want to surf, huh?

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Frontside Annie and a Backside Jen

Annie Sullivan landed in Oz and just met up with Jen Smith at Noosa Longboard Festival. Check back as the girls will be on a month long tour in Australia. Yew!!!

Frontside Annie

Backside Jen

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Joel Tudor Sighting

By the time you’re done admiring this new Steele photo of Joel at Pipe, he will have already left Hawaii. And after clicking this Kookbox link Joel will be at a jiu jitsu tournament in NYC. After that? Who knows, he doesn’t...

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Ryland Rubens Stacking Trophies

Ryland continues his tear at NSSA O-side with another win! We sat down with him for a couple quick questions below.

How do you find time for homework ??

After I surf or skate, I will crank through my homework until it’s done.  I just got my report card and got a 3.86 GPA, so now my dad owes me some $$$$....

What grade are you in?

I’m in 6th grade at PBMS

Whats your favorite food?

Anything Chocolate and Pizza

If you were a dog what kind would you be?

Maybe a Jack Russell as I have non-stop motor and a crazy side when needed.

How do you call someone off a wave ???

I don’t like to yell, that’s not my style.  However, I may change my style as this old barney at my home break is always back paddling me and acts like he’s in a heat with me…

San Diego is ________?

Home of the free and land of the brave

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Bevo Getting Piped!

Our little Ozzie Claire Bevilacqua pulling into one after another. Damn that looks fun.

Photo: Tom Carey