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Ryland Rubens in Nicaragua

Why is it that 14 year old aspiring professional surfers have more stamps in their passports than we do?  In with the new, I guess. Regardless we are very stoked to see Ryland shredding up Nicaragua and hope he takes us with him next time!

Nicaragua with Ryland Rubens from Ryland Rubens on Vimeo.

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Kyle Thiermann Saving the World Again

Our favorite eco warrior, Kyle, headed down to Nicaragua to film his next Surfing for Change video. There he set out to show the world how surf tourism can have a positive impact on the local cultures. We cant wait to see the full length video, and Kyle... you’re the man!

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Hard Work Pays Back

Ricky Whitlock, one of the most determined, hard-working surfers around has been awarded the Transworld Surf ‘Comeback of the Year’! After breaking his back at Pipeline last year and being told he may never surf again, Ricky worked tirelessly to rehab and champion his injury. Watch the documentary Ricky Whitlock: L-1, T-12 for the full story.

See it on Transworld:

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Ornella's Innersection

First female to ever submit a video part to Innersection is Sector 9's own Ornella Pellizari. Vote here!

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Noah Beschen is Twelve

Believe it or not, this little ripper is only twelve years old and is getting better barrels than most of us get in our entire lives... maybe because he makes a 6 foot wave look double overhead.  Dont get jealous when you watch his newest Surfline clip here:


We are so stoked that Ricky is back skating and surfing again. Here he is with his incredible new machete and a big ol' smile too! Congrats RW!!

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S9 Surf Team shreds North Shore Park

The Niners met up with the Transworld Surf bros for coldies at the Banzai Pipeline Skatepark. It's what you do when the surf goes flat.

See the full story on Transworld here:

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Erica Hosseini takes APSS overall champ!

Erica took the girls down and showed she still has her competitive drive. We know ya’ll would like to see some other shots of her but imagine she is banana... or don’t. Congrats to Erica!