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Balaram ain't afraid….

What to do in between heats in Australia??? Well if you are Balaram Stack you go and boardslide a 9 stair rail, nail it, and high five your friends. Most surf cats couldn’t even ollie the set while Balaram handles it in two tries.

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Dax and Finn Welcome to the Family!

We recently added Dax and Finn McGill to the Sector 9 family. These two are full on surf-skaters, and growing up on the North Shore you can bet we will see many more great things from them. Big welcome to the whole McGill family!

See it on Surfline:

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Balaram and Geiselman in Costa Rica

Yup, Bal and Geisels took a trip to lovely Costa Rica where they did nothing but surf all day.  Check Balaram charging a left reef and Eric busting airs on every wave. It will make you want to drop everything and go on a surf trip!

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Claire Bevilacqua Lays It Down

Claire charges Pipe, does mean laybacks, and has some serious skills on the skateboards. Currently she is in West Oz growing kale, surfing empty line ups, and teaching kids to shred. We love this girl!

Photo: Steele

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Gavin is Off the Wall!

Closing out Off The Wall with a couple corners, perfect for Gavin Beschen.

Full sequence here!:

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Travel Guide to Nicaragua

As surf tourism makes its way into new communities around the world, it brings about social change that can be positive if managed correctly. Kyle Thiermann of Surfing for Change made it a personal mission to go to Nicaragua and investigate exactly this.

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Welcome to the Team: Candice O'Donnel

We met Candice hanging around the shop in Hossegor, France, and thought she was awesome... then we saw her surf! Candice is exploding with style and flawlessly translates that to the asphalt. Look out for more good things coming from this girl!


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Joel Tudor Speaks

S9’s Joel Tudor gives us some insightful thoughts on everything from surfing to scamming… it or get choked out!: