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A Week at Lowers

We love our surfers who can skateboard as well as surf, Eric Geiselman is one of the best cross-over guys around. Watch in this edit as he combines the two and skates the waves during a week at Lowers.

Lowers from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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Kilgar Wins at Malibu

The 7th Annual Malibu Invitational last weekend went off in small sunny conditions. A good crew of Niners were on hand to represent but it was Kilian Garland that took 1st place and bragging rights. Congrats Kilgar!

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In Tudor Style

In his own respect Joel Tudor is a yoga guru, jiu jitsu master, skateboard junkie, and champion surfer; all of which he does in his own Tudor style.

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Geiselman is Back!

Eric Geiselman charged off of the DL with a vengeance a few weeks back after recovering from an eye injury. He seems to be back to normal sticking airs all over the beaches of El Salvador.

Chocolate Water from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

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U.S. Open: Kids These Days

There are 3 things you need to go to the beach, your cell phone, free energy drinks, and your twitter handle written on your chest. Well not really but that sure is what it looked like this weekend at the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. Though most may not have noticed there was world class surfing and skateboarding happening amongst all the kids looking for a midsummer make out. It was great seeing all the dusty 9ers, and congratulations to Brazil’s Alejo Muniz for defeating California’s Kolohe Andino in the final and winning $100,000. That’s a lot of energy drinks.

Photo Album:

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Ride-Along With Gavin

The mysto barrel hunter, sometimes known as Gavin Beschen, gives us an up-close look at what it’s like inside the tube. Puerto decided to show Gavin again why it’s so legendary on his short trip south of the border. Thanks to Jon Steele for the zen-like edit, Pete Hodgson for the footy, and GoPro for the lens.

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Fitness with Erica

It takes a lot of work to be an athlete in peak condition, and Erica Hosseini is no exception. Eating right, daily exercise, and a jamming playlist is what keeps her motivated. Read more:

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Ricky's Mexican Trance

Puerto Escondido is Ricky Whitlock's home away from home. Tecates, tubes, and $2 taxis, Ricky finds his stride. Surfing Mag with the photo evidence: