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Brittania Classic 2013

With the Danger Bay week coming to a close there’s no slowing down, the Brittania Classic is back for is 6th annual running. With rain in the forecast and high speed as the goal it should be an exciting weekend of racing.  Here's the video from 2011 to get you pumped!

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Caspar the Friendly Norwegian

18 year old Norwegian, Caspar Grette, made his Downhill Division debut at the King of The Hill race in Oslo over the weekend. In true Sector 9 fashion he raced hard, smiled all day, and ended up on top.

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Scoot Speaks

Skate[Slate] somehow wrangled a call with the Canadian drywaller turned speed freak. Scoot talks Danger Bay, green hair, Striker’s weight gain, and the upcoming race season.

Read it here:

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Matt K. Scouts Kichigai Road

From Japan to Australia to California, catch him if you can.  Matt Kienzle is constantly on the move, on and off the skateboard. Watch him feel the wasabi burn on this endless, uncharted mountain speedway.

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Downhill Division on the Podium

Sector 9 was everywhere this last weekend. Micah Green took 2nd at Newton's Nation in Australia and Puerto Rican, Jomar Guzman, got third in the Catalina Classic. Downhill Division kicks off a nice start to the race season, congrats boys!

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Style Lines with Matt K.

Matt Kienzle, who is currently fighting for a top spot at Newton's Nation, shows his confidence and style at high speed in these clips from a recent trip to Brisbane.

Video: SkateHouseMedia

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Newton's Nation - Live Stream

Newton's Nation 2013 is live from Australia! Practice is today and racing starts tomorrow. Keep your eye on the black and yellow leathers...

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Downhill Disco 2013: S9 Edition

The disco gets groovier every year! Fun obstacles, massive launch ramps, and some throwback outfits to match the mood!

Daniel Luna took down 1st Place in the slide contest, Louis Pilloni sped into a 3rd Place finish in the Obstacle Course timed race, and Ross Druckrey handily flew into 3rd Place in the Big Air. Good showing boys!