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Roots, Rock, Robots!

After a long haul up the coast the 9-Ball Truck and the Roots Robot came to rest at the Monterey County Fairgrounds for the 4th annual California Roots Festival. So many smiles, new friends, and more reggae than you can shake a rasta colored stick at.

Low quality photo recap here:

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California Roots Fest 2013

The California Roots Music & Arts Festival is back, and led this year by San Diego's own Slightly Stoopid!

Don't blink because you might miss the 9-Ball Truck charging up the coast to Monterey!

Once you're at the festival don't miss your photo op with the #RootsRobot. Hashtag for a chance to win prizes!

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Golf Path in South Af...rica

Lightly regarded as the only downhill race in the world that is held on a golf course, the St. Francis Links Speed Run & Slide Jam offers a narrow cart path, fluffy sage brush, and plenty of green fairways to soften your landing.

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Brittania Classic 2013

With the Danger Bay week coming to a close there’s no slowing down, the Brittania Classic is back for is 6th annual running. With rain in the forecast and high speed as the goal it should be an exciting weekend of racing.  Here's the video from 2011 to get you pumped!

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Caspar the Friendly Norwegian

18 year old Norwegian, Caspar Grette, made his Downhill Division debut at the King of The Hill race in Oslo over the weekend. In true Sector 9 fashion he raced hard, smiled all day, and ended up on top.

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St. Francis Speed & Slide Jam

This weekend in Cape St. Francis, South Africa is the Sector 9 Speed Run & Slide Jam. This is one of the only events in the world actually held on a golf course!

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Catalina Classic on Wheelbase

We are still reeling off a great weekend in Catalina. Thanks to the crew at Resource for a great event, and our boy Marcus Bandy at Wheelbase for the coverage.  The 9 crew was rolling deep all weekend and we were stoked to see Jomar make the finals. See you next year!

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Whitlock Featured in SD Surf Film Fest

Ricky Whitlock's film documenting his recovery after breaking his back at Pipeline, entitled Ricky Whitlock: L-1 T-12, will be featured in this week's San Diego Surf Film Festival.  Head over to Bird's Surf Shed on Wednesday for a gang of hoots & shakas!

Here is a sneak preview...

Ricky Whitlock: L-1, T-12 from Type G on Vimeo.