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Dont Nuke J-Bay!

Kyle Thiermann of 'Surfing For Change' has just released the newest installment in his video series. In this episode Kyle explores clean alternatives to the proposed nuclear power plant in South Africa's J-Bay.

Help save this world renouned surf break, and watch this video short featuring Kelly Slater, Van Jones, and Foster Gamble.

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TransparentSea Desert Whale Voyage 2011


More info about S4C, Dave Rastovich, and the TransparentSea Voyage here!:

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Rasta Inspiray-Shun

Sector 9 Surfer, Dave Rastovich, is one of the more humble and spiritual people you will have the opportunity to meet. Sanuk delves into his mind to find out what inspires him...

Inspiration and Insight: Dave Rastovich from Sanuk on Vimeo.

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An Interview with Kyle Thiermann

Sector 9 Surfer and Environmental Activist, Kyle Thiermann.

"Some might argue the spark was ignited back in 1990. Back when Facebook was yet to be conceptualized and Kyle Thiermann was a 10-year-old boy growing up in Santa Cruz. The son of environmentally active parents, he had only just set foot on a surfboard for the first time. A decade later, he would combine those two passions—surfing and environmental activism—in a career that would see him traveling around the world as a teacher and filmmaker."

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Solving Plastic Pollution in 4 minutes...

Sector 9 surfer and international problem solver Kyle Thiermann gives you his outlook on plastic pollution and how to help stop it!

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SDSU Earth Week 2011 - Recap

The S9 crew and the 9-Ball truck made the journey to San Diego State University for a week of Earth conscious festivities and green love!

Earth Week 2011 started strong at SDSU with the "Sector 9 Skate & Bike brunch."  All students who skated, biked, scootered, roller bladed, or whatever else to school, got free brunch!

S9 helping to spread the message about keeping skateboarding legal on SDSU campus through creative expression...

The Originalites.

Later in the week the S9 crew made it back to SDSU for the Earth Day Business Fair.

More students than we could count rode by on their Sector 9's.  SDSU loves S9.

The expression session ensued.

Happy Earth Day!  Push Don't Pollute!

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Henry Rollins and A Drop In The Bucket

World Water Day was 3/22 and Henry Rollins, legendary punk rocker and human rights activist, put out this PSA to bring awareness to World Water Day and the A Drop In The Bucket Foundation.

This is a great cause, help spread the message!

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Why Drive?

Save the planet and some cash. Skate when you can.