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Tattoosday #40 - Greg Gutierrez

Introducing “El Borracho” Sector 9 coming to you straight from Afghanistan! Greg sent this one to us last week while serving our country in the Middle East. Thank you for your service and for the epic tattoo!

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Tibs Takes a Stunt Plane

Tibs Parise took a Tahitian sabbatical last month that turned into an adrenaline filled endeavor. The XTreme Video channel tracked him down on the beach drinking coconut water and coaxed him into a stunt plane. Watch Tibs try to hold down his lunch in this new episode.

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Gullwing Lost Tapes

After the Florida Bowl Riders contest over a year ago the Gullwing Team lost all their tapes during the journey home. Now they have miraculously resurfaced for our viewing pleasure, Shaun Ross with some hammers.

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Ricky's Mexican Trance

Puerto Escondido is Ricky Whitlock's home away from home. Tecates, tubes, and $2 taxis, Ricky finds his stride. Surfing Mag with the photo evidence:


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Britannia Classic 2013: Sector 9 Edition

Take an on-board look at the 2013 Britannia Classic through the eyes of the Sector 9 Downhill Division. Congrats to Chance Gaul for keeping Laguna on the map with a 1st Place finish in the Groms Division. Thank you GoPro for the new toys!

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Ross and Louis Like it Rough

When offered the opportunity to donate some flesh and urethane to Boulder Creek, Ross Druckrey and Louis Pilloni jump at the opportunity. Here is a recent SkateHouse session from the notoriously rough mountain switchback.

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New Music Tuesday #27: Retox - 'YPLL'

The second release from RETOX comes in at just over 20 minutes in length but feels like  an hour’s worth of direct punches.  “YPLL, Years of Potential Life Lost” is pure aggression but also might be Justin Pearson’s most accessible music yet.  The San Diego band brings wit and intense energy to every "two-minute-or-less" track.  Its hardcore for smart kids, smartcore?

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Tattoosday #39 - Goddess

This board went of out production 7 years ago,  double t-shirt style went out 4 years ago, but a badass goddess tattoo lasts a lifetime!