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Cocoa Beach Wants You!

An amazingly fun Surf and Skate Contest to help benefit the National Kidney Foundation!

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Not really but this little up and coming Beschen is putting together some impressive video parts for such a young kid. You gotta think living right at Rocky Point is helping... Get em’ grom!

Watch the video here:

What do you get when you cross San Diego’s #1 skateboard with San Diego’s #1 septet?...  A rocking good time!

SD locals, Slightly Stoopid, have released their 7th studio album under their own DIY label, Stoopid Records. The new album, ‘Top of The World’, takes a turn for the old school and truly nails that classic Slightly Stoopid sound. Press play, close your eyes, and next thing you know you are sitting on the sand in San Diego watching skateboarders and bikini girls cruising by…

Buy 'Top of The World' here!:

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Tattoosday #19 - Dudebro, 9er for Life!

Dudebro, had Big Jay of Vancouver fill in a little empty section on his arm with a big ol’ 9-ball.  Makes you want to get one too, huh kids?

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Mr. Tibs, The Drinker of Nineball Juice

All around shredder Mr. Tibs gets down and dirty in this full interview with All Around Skate. Great photos, read on….

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Sammy Stinnett On Fire, Wins Again!

"Sam Stinnett did it again last weekend winning the first ever Portuguese UST event and racking up his third win in only four events so far this season.  Sam could be on his way to the best UST season of all time as he has already tied last years record three wins in a single season, and we are just at the half way mark."

-United Skim Tour

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New Music Tuesday #4 - Bang Your Head but Don't Hurt It!

Our good friend, former NFL’er, and touring musician Kyle Turley is coming your way West Coasters!

This time he’s bringing some great charities with him, the Sports Legacy Institute and The Wounded Warrior Project.

Go support The Kyle Turley Band, just don’t try to tackle him...


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Tattoosday #18 - Zenned Out

Buddha, Lotus flowers, and 9-balls. Three symbols that all have one thing in common… they are part of a tattoo on the shoulder of a guy sitting on the toilet! Epic!