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Josh Baxter Has the Best Surf Camp Ever!

We are serious about that claim. Overnight camping, day lessons, skateboard lessons, and basically whatever you need! Summer Soul is the only surf camp allowed at San Onofre and they have been doing it for years. Great place for kids to spend a week!!!

Get all the info here:

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The Avett Brothers Custom Deck

We have been lucky enough over the years to be able to make custom skateboards for some of the coolest and most diverse bands out there. Ever seen a Bad Religion or Hank III skate deck? Yep that was us. The Avett Brothers are no exception, and their deck came out sweet. Thanks for the photo bros!

Go see their brand of Folk Rock on tour this summer:

For more Sector 9 music news join us here:

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NY to HI, Balaram has a big bag of tricks. We love this kid! Via: Transworld Surf

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Steve Cleveland’s newest movie starring Joel Tudor, Harrison Roach, Jen Smith and more!

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Tattoosday #10 - Switzer Is a 9-Ball

No Patrick Switzer is not riding for Sector 9, but he does have a 9-ball tattoo on his hip. Safe to say he's down, and CONGRATS on the Danger Bay win buddy!!!

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The Eye Dropper

Yes your eyes will drop when you see this amazing new piece of American craftsmanship.  We give you the breakdown on all those nerdy specs you love and then the team takes it to the hills to show you how its ridden.  This is a great freeriding board, and ya know what?... We had a blast making it for you!  Now get out there and skate!

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'HELP PATRICK WALK' Poker Tourney on Sunday!

This weekend mix it up a bit and get down to a great event for an even greater person, Patrick!! Check the flyer for more info. This kid is a stud!!!

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S9 Downhill Division heads back up to the Great White North for 2 weeks of racing and debauchery.  Damn, we love you Canada!