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Sk8 No Es Crimen

  Photog Guerilla, Senor Jon Steele, has sent correspondence from Ecuador, "Skateboarding is not a crime". He’s down there on a surf/skate mission getting some quiet time and hanging with the locals.   Be sure to check out Jon's Blog.

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Billy Fortier Loving His Spot - Graveside, HI.

Babes, beers, and skating on the beach. Billy’s got it all.

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Cory Juneau - 2nd in Vans Am at Combi!

Little man takes 2nd even though he was under the weather... That’s right 2nd is for the HORNS! Congrats Cory!!


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Dont Nuke J-Bay!

Kyle Thiermann of 'Surfing For Change' has just released the newest installment in his video series. In this episode Kyle explores clean alternatives to the proposed nuclear power plant in South Africa's J-Bay.

Help save this world renouned surf break, and watch this video short featuring Kelly Slater, Van Jones, and Foster Gamble.

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Balaram is a perfect 10!

Bal is so hot right now... Have a look at a 'perfect 10' pipe bomb!