Posted In Events by admin Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4th Annual Spyderfest at HB Pier

Hermosa Beach was on fire this past Saturday for the 4th annual Spyderfest down at HB Pier Plaza. Amongst the dozens of black tents, the bright yellow Sector 9 booth stood out with South Bay superstar Jex, and his mini South Bay helper Krista, heading up games and handing out prizes, hats, and posters.

Most of the games played at different booths were some version of corn hole, but we made kids really work for their prizes by having them do push ups and seeing who could hold jugs of water above their heads the longest.

The younger groms who stopped by got to show their artsy side by personalizing their own Sector 9 foamie hat with paint pens, while their parents got coozies.

As the sun went down and we had nothing more to pass out but high fives, Spyderfest 2011 came to a close with the welcoming sounds of live music and a fresh beer being cracked open.


  1. wbkook Says...

    nice pics looks like a great time........

  2. jack Says...

    dang i just moved away i lived right by your guys tent haha Irony is a bitch