Posted In Sector 9 - Downhill Division by admin Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sector 9 and GOPRO down Maryhill

Check the raw run of Niners going full bore down the beautiful curves of Maryhill. Makes you want to skate huh?

  1. Sector 9 Skateboards Says...

    We would love to see the video! Send it here:

  2. Colton Tarrer Says...

    Hey I think it'd be amazing to have a chance to do something like this I love going fast and skating any chance I get . The only money I have to keep skating is put in to a beat up sector nine fractal with your race formula wheels i modified my sidewinder trucks though to be more stable at high speed and it worked very effectively . I know its not likely but I'd love to send in a video for a possible sponsor . I love riding and I love what you guys do. If you read this thanks if not thanks anyway