Posted In History by admin Wednesday, November 30, 2011

9-Ball Truckin' For Life!

The Sector 9 bread truck  has overcome Sierra blizzards without chains, giant Mexican potholes the size of a moon craters, Montreal punker riots, and Santa Cruz all nighters. The machine has camped illegally in Yosemite, avoided the mafia in NYC, and has seen more rock shows than Rolling Stone.  It’s been around the USA twice, maybe more with all the u-turns.   This single truck has changed more lives than Mother Theresa. Today it returns to the 5 North as a beacon of glowing yellow light guiding you to the promise land...

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  2. nick tilford Says...

    this truck is like a twinkie . a stoners dehlight! but it represents more than thAT! I BEEN SKATIN SECTOR9 SINCE BEFORE I REALLY KNEW WHAT LONGBOARDING IS! I am in debt to sec9! from your dedication comes my passion! keep it up or i will go postal! i live for downhill!