Posted In Events by admin Friday, October 28, 2011

Grand Opening of Sector 9's European HQ and Retail Store!

Could it be true that the Europeans have a more advanced culture than us Americans? Do they have better fashion? Better food/wine? How about a better social care system? The answer is debatable... the one thing that Europe does have over us, and anyone else in the world, is the first ever Sector 9 Retail store!!!

Front Desk

The Board Wall

Workshop Zone

It’s all Sector 9, all day! If you don’t believe me then you can book a trip to Hossegor France to see for yourself. If you can't afford the trip, then here's some more pictures from the Grand Opening.

Sector 9 Europe Crew

This Hi-Fi system can be heard from 10 Blocks away!!!

  1. David Says...

    South Africa should get one. But still Awesome!!!

  2. David Says...

    they must put one in South Africa. But still AWESOME!!!!!

  3. joshua Says...

    legit!!!!! now its americas turn!

  4. charlie ramirez Says...

    freaking sick! now if i go to europe and i happen to leave my team stickers i can go an get some n put em on my boards!

  5. nocomp Says...

    Well done toto i ll come see you one day!

  6. Aaron Says...

    sick!!!!! now get that euro skate team together! ;)