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Sullivan Challenge with Louis Pilloni

Video and pictures can only do so much to capture the experience of a road trip. The journey out to the Kimberly Sullivan Challenge was no exception. Running in its 10th year, the ‘Sully’ is a gathering of the downhill community. Incorporating different disciplines of skateboarding, riders are guaranteed to leave the weekend with sore legs. If you’re not exhausted by the end of the weekend, you’re doing it wrong!

Nestled in the eastern corner of British Columbia, Kimberly is the hometown of skateboard innovator Jody Wilcock. With the race running right through the center of town locals can’t help but take notice, and they come out in force to enjoy the event. The Sully was inspired by Coast’s first sanctioned downhill event, ‘Attack of Danger Bay’.

The pilgrimage from Vancouver to Kimberly is all part of the experience. 13 of us loaded up into Bricin ‘Striker’ Lyons, ‘Crib Bomb RV'. With over 100 km of pothole-riddled highway bombing each way, by the time you get to Kimberly you’re already sore with stories to tell. The story I keep sharing was the pitch black, potholed bomb, in pouring rain at 90 km/h.

To give a quick rundown of the weekend, the festival starts off with the “Clydesdales Push Race”. Participants are required to skate 16km while drinking 10 adult beverages. Some are in it just for the booze cruise, while it seems some actually train for this event. The day ends with a ‘bush party’, backed up by The Bowl Smoker Death Race and Jam the following morning.  Then again followed by another ‘bush party’.  Then the actual race at 2pm... and then another bush party. You get the drift; skate, party, repeat.

You either love or hate Jody’s race but either way it’s always entertaining. With a 8 man, slow, one push start that leads into an adrenaline pumping rough ally ride through the center of town, it’s hard not to come out smiling. Racing was tough but I was stoked to make it to the finals. – Louis Pilloni

Louis battling it out in the Semi-Finals.

Danny Connor holding it down for 'Merica.

Here is a quick run down the course with Louis Pilloni:

Raw Run: Sullivan Challange from on Vimeo.