Posted In Sector 9 - Downhill Division by admin Friday, June 24, 2011

Downhill Division: Road to Whistler

The Sector 9 Downhill Division is up in Vancouver, British Columbia for the Whistler Downhill Festival this coming weekend. Even though it's raining, they are making the best of it sliding around the wet patches in Deep Cove and riding some motocycles in the Sand Pits. Keep an eye out for the next S9 Look Book to see the whole scoop. Photos by Jeff Budro

From left to right: Scott Smith, Louis Pilloni, George Mackenzie, and Gabe Gwynne.

Ozzie Gabe hanging on around a fun left.

G-Mack hitting some chunder trying to power through.

Overcast but nice out.

Scoot dropping through a waterfall right.

Louis swinging a little wide to get around George.

George turning up some sand in the pits.

North Vancouver Loc and S9er, Steve Lange, throwing a fatty no-footer.

The crew is piled into the van and heading north towards Whistler. While some dry weather would be nice, rain or shine the team is ready to throw down.