Posted In Sector 9 - Downhill Division by admin Thursday, May 19, 2011

Downhill Division: Atomic Bomb to Danger Bay

At the conclusion of Ditch Slap, the truck was packed and it was off the Atomic Bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The course was fast with a top speed of 55mph along with hard sweeping turns where it was a challenge to maintain grip and control on the tar snaked road. James Kelly and George Mackenize held it down for the crew taking home 2nd and 7th.  After the award ceremony it was back in the truck for a 16 hour overnight haul back to LA.  Then the crew sucked it up and jumped right into Andrew Mercado's Gullwing Van that morning to head up to Vancouver, Canada for the 10th annual Danger Bay event.  Even though we have to make good time up to Canada, parks and roads are being skated all the way there.

Victor checking out the road before the decent down Mt. Shasta. Photo: James Kelly