In this episode of adventure from Kyle Thiermann, he ends up again in a remote surf town, this time on the Chilean coast. The point break left known as Puertecillo, despite its hard to find location, is another surf town experiencing unapproved development that the locals know nothing about. To find out more or help check out Puertecillo Playas Libres here!

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Kyle Thiermann and Surfing For Change now have their sights set on saving Mexico's original surf break. San Miguel's wave and watershed need your support to help establish Baja Mexico's first State Park. Watch the video below and read the article for more info; don't forget to sign the petition here.

Once in a while we hear about amazing causes around the world, and Beyond The Surface International is one of the raddest. This group of board riding advocates travel to lesser fortunate parts of the world and use surfing and skateboarding as a medium to motivate and educate young minds. The video below was filmed and directed by 3 brothers from Lobitos, Peru, and they even made the music. The next project for them and BTSI is to build a skatepark in Lobitos. Support this and other projects here:

Stop Motion Skate Short /// Presented by Lobitos Cinema Project and BEYOND with Sector 9 and GoPro from Emi Koch on Vimeo.

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Movember 2014, Join Us!

Team Sector 9 is back for our 7th year in a row growing Mo's for our bros. Join our team here and prepare for the shave-off tomorrow! For more information about Movember and it's amazing programs click here:

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B4BC's 10th Annual Skate The Lake

Skating 28 miles around one of the greatest lakes in the world is pleasure... but when you are doing it for a great cause it becomes a party! Boarding For Breast Cancer hosted their 10th Annual Skate The Lake skateboard marathon last weekend and successfully raised over $20,000!

The next event is Skate The Coast on Sept. 27th in Santa Monica, CA. Hope to see you there!:

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Skate The Lake 2014

B4BC's 10th Annual Skate The Lake skateboard marathon is rolling out this weekend. Join us in Tahoe City on Friday for the kickoff party and then bright and early Saturday morning for the long push. All fundraising efforts benefit B4BC!


Being that Kyle Thiermann is always grabbing the bull by the horns, it was no surprise to see him actually riding bulls and grabbing massive barrels. When he's not saving the world you can find him in the green room.

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Kyle Thiermann is a Maker

Surfing Mag featured wave maker and wave rider Kyle Thiermann in this week's Makers series. Kyle is a pro on the board but also takes his passion for the ocean to the masses. Check out Surfing For Change to really see what Kyle is up to and the positive things he's doing to help us all. Read the article here: