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Helles On Wheels

Ricky Whitlock and Karl Strauss Brewing Co. teamed up to create a collaboration libation that will be known as "Helles On Wheels". Starting in mid-May our joint effort will be available for a limited time at the Downtown San Diego Karl Strauss brew pub.

This week’s jam fell out of the sky in the form of Dylan Baldi’s, Cloud Nothings. The first single, “I’m Not Part of Me” is a murky, hook laden combination of noise pop and post punk that makes you hit repeat. Their third album, 'Here and Nowhere Else', floats in on the Carpark label. You can hear the single below on Soundcloud. Soundcloud Nothings?

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The Long Game

Our own soft spoken, hard charging, California nomad Rusty Long talks with the X-Games, albeit quietly. Watch here for big waves and small egos.

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CRVIS3R Perfil: Jeff Budro

The Brazilian skateboard magazine, CRVIS3R, just released a comprehensive interview with our favorite team manager, photographer, videographer, team rider, and all-around awesome dude; Jeff Budro. Read the full article and magazine here, or if you don't speak Portuguese just ooh and ahh at his killer photo feature:

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Balaram's Panama Recon

Sector 9 East Coast agent Balaram Stack and comrade Michael Dunphy execute a mission to Panama. View the recon below.

Island View from Thomas Brothers Productions on Vimeo.

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Glow Wheel Fundamentals

Sector 9 has teamed up with Sunset and their Flare LED Wheels to light up the night with Glow Wheel Fundamentals. These Flare LED Wheels offer the brightest LEDs in the industry and have the capacity to glow for a staggering 100,000 hours! The LED wheels self-power from the spinning motion of the wheel, therefore no batteries are ever required. Get your glow on today!

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Skate[Slate] - Slick Shoes Review

With the expansion of the ShredThane line comes the 71mm Slick Shoes. For smooth predictable slides without the need for high speeds, the Slick Shoes fit the bill. Skate[Slate] grabbed a few sets over the weekend and put them through the motions, see what they had to say about the wheels here:


In a move only Jack White could make, he recorded, mastered, pressed, and sold a record all in one day. Fans were on hand at Nashville’s Third Man Records to take witness to the miracle on Record Store Day. In a matter of hours after hearing it laid down live, lucky rockers walked away with a copy. Hear the blistering 45 RPM single “Lazeretto” here.