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2012-2013 Technical Guide

Get an in depth look at all the products Sector 9 has to offer in the 2012-2013 Technical Guide. Everything from nerdy specs to team rider glamour shots, let your eyes feast!

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RAT Tour 2013: Baton Rouge

The Scion RAT Tour is in full swing! The first stop in Baton Rouge was a blow-out with tons of local Am's getting gnarly. Photo album here:

Next stop Corpus Christi, TX!!

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9 Tricks: Alexis Rivera

Alexis Rivera, the 2012 Puerto Rico Patinetero of the Year, gives us a peak into his deep bag of tricks. The dreads give him super powers...

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The Paradox Experience

Paradox Griptape can be found on certain Sector 9 Skateboards and always under the feet of Shaun Ross and Tibs Parise. The Paradox crew came through the factory and put together this trippy little edit. Are you experienced?

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Shred The Love @ Sugarbowl!

Do you enjoy Snow? How about boobs? If you answered "Yes" then get to Sugarbowl this weekend for Shred The Love presented by B4BC!

More info here:

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New Music Tuesday #20 - VUM

The L.A. experimental trio VUM has gained recent attention with their dark, noir sound. Jennifer Pearl’s beautiful, haunting vocals on their new single “I Will Return", were just featured in the L.A Times! Listen here and see them with us this Saturday at the Griffin.

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Tattoosday #30 - Shoulder Shredder

During the downtime between race heats we snapped a photo of this shoulder piece right before taking off down the hill.  Needless to say we didn't get this dude's name but we dig it!

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One-Way Skatepark Grand Opening

When we heard that One-Way had a new skatepark, inside a mall, on the 2nd floor, naturally we packed The Boys in the 9-ball truck and streaked up the coast. Shaun Ross, Elijah Anderson, and Tibs Parise were flying the 9-Ball flag while Connor Getzlaff and Tyrone Olson kept it technical for the Gullwing Army.